The petabyte architecture you cannot afford to miss!

An iceberg in the middle of the ocean with clouds behind

The volumes of data used for Machine Learning projects are relentlessly growing. Data scientists and data engineers have turned to Data Lakes to store vast volumes of data and find meaningful insights. Data Lake architectures have evolved over the years to massively scale to hundreds of terabytes with acceptable read/write…

Why organizations should consider a multi-cloud strategy for their AI/ ML projects and how to make it happen

Image by Paul Sinai, inspired by Claudio Testa, social.cut and Luca Baggio

As organizations migrate their Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to the cloud, others have already embarked on AI or Machine Learning (ML) multi-cloud strategies. There are significant advantages to adopting a multi-cloud strategy — using several public cloud providers to manage your infrastructure and applications — from driving AI-driven business solutions…

Paul Sinaï

CEO & CTO, passionate about simplexity or how to make something complex simple to use.

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